Thursday, 10 May 2018

Diabetes | Researchers | WDEC2018

Diabetes is the most common disorder by which the patients get pierced for 1800approx. per year in the body. Normally, type of this disorder is Type I & II, Gestational, Mody and Etc.

However, for all the types, the patients must have their own body control regarding the diet and nutrition segment. These two are repetitive that we hear from the patients and their family. Though we have many inspirational stories about living with diabetes and diabetic living etc. it doesn't give a perfect remedy or disclosure. It's still different for each and everyone.

When these kind of things are in life, one must prepare and focus on the Diet and Nutrition. So that we can minimize the effects in minor level. Having this scenario in the society, Bringing a new implementation of any medical methods which can lower the complications of Diabetes has to cover all sorts of clinical trials and tests. Most of the hypothesis and research processes, will not cross the further levels of the tests or it's still tangled at the preliminary stages.

We encourage the scientists and Research professionals by providing them with a great platform for their unique, valuable research experience and conclusions.

In that way, we welcome our two renowned speakers for our conference WDEC2018 (World Congress on Diabetes and Endocrinology) which is to be held in Rome on August 22-23, 2018.


Name: Kishor Mazumder, JUST Institute, Bangladesh.
Title: Antidiabetic and Organ Protective Potential of hydroalcoholic extracts of Australian Lupin Cultivars of Unprocessed and Processed Seed Flours: In vitro, In vivo and In silico Approaches.
Name: Saeko Imai, Kyoto University, Japan 
Title:  The New Dietary Approach for Patients with Diabetes: How and When to Eat

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